The Benefits of Marcotting

Even the Charlottesville tree professionals admit that it is not easy to grow trees in a short period, as trees may take several years to fully grown when you do the traditional method of putting seeds on the ground waiting for it to sprout, grow, bud, and fully mature. Because of this, a process called marcotting propagation, or also known as air layering, has been developed used by many gardeners and agriculturalists all around the globe to cheat time and grow plants as early as one year.  

What is Air Layering? 

Air layering, also known as marcotting in Asian countries, is a vegetative procedure of propagating a plant that involves rooting the aerial stems attached to the parent plant. In this article, we will discuss with you some of the benefits of aerial layering.  

There are many advantages that air layering provides, and these include: 

  • Marcotting is one of the simplest practices that enable you to propagate different plants in shorter in a shorter amount of time. In fact, it is very easy that it is doable even for those individuals who do not have any gardening experiences. It can produce more layers without the person exerting too much effort, skill, or equipment 
  • You are able to reproduce and propagate plants that are already mature in a faster way.  
  • Air layering is yields better and surer results compared to the traditional way of putting seeds on ground and waiting for years to see the results.  
  • The whole process of marcotting plants is very cheap. It does not require anyone any expensive materials and gardening tools. It basically just needs soil, plants involved, transparent sheet, and ties.  
  • It does not require professional skills. Marcotting, as mentioned, is very easy, to the extent that even normal people can do and be successful in their marcotting projects  

However, even if marcotting provides several advantages, it still has some drawbacks, and these include the following: 

  • For you to reproduce a generous number of layers, you will need a wide area in order to also have numerous stocks of plants where you will be doing the marcotting process. 
  • You can just produce a small number of layers from the parent plant  
  • When you opt for bigger layering, this will require you to have more effort and intensive care to make sure that the plant can be established independently.  
  • When doing the marcotting, there is a probability that the propagation will not be successful, although most of the cases do not result in this. Whether you are marcotting smaller plants in smaller quantities, there is still a need to provide the proper nourishments that the plant needs such as water, adequate sunlight, and nutrients.  

It is recommended that you do marcotting during cloudy or rainy seasons to avoid the need for frequent watering.  

Final thoughts 

Marcotting has been becoming a popular gardening propagation practice not just in Asia but also in American and Europe. The process requires little effort, inexpensive tools, easy skills, and provides higher chances of success. When you want to start a garden, there is no need to start from scratch as marcotting is easy and doable.  

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